Epic doggo sneeze


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God bless you!





That was a hell of a thing


That beast’s wolf forebears… man, I hate to think what their opinion would be. Here’s proof that God is dead: what kind of benevolent deity wouldn’t lift a finger to stop mankind from exploiting the sacred tool of evolution to breed a ridiculous abomination like this?

I mean, he’s adorable and all, but what a perfectly preposterous animal. Those sneezes are either heartfelt pleas for merciful release from a hellish existence as a cosmic joke, or a signal that any second now the tentacles are about to burst forth as The Thing emerges from its Trojan Pupper disguise to devour the populace of Sheboygan.

I don’t even


That sound really needs to be used in a dubstep drop



Does puppy want a Claritin?


What anime is that pic from? It looks kinda like it might be Parasyte, but it’s been too long since I read the manga to be sure.


If you show my daughter a video of a cute enough animal, she will start laughing and crying simultaneously. I look forward to springing this on her when she gets up.


###What the nightmarish fuck.
(Great animation, though.)


Yup. Never watched it actually, but remembered the gif (hard to forget!) from the Anime Deaths tumblr and though it appropriate.


Someone should break it gently to these kind people, that what they were told is an ordinary pet dog, is actually a caniform 'toon. The sooner they bring it back to toon town, the safer everyone will be.


Do us all a favor, and post the reaction video!


Turns out she’d already seen this, so I didn’t get the reaction. Pictures of weiner dogs usually do the trick, I’ll surprise her with some later.


Oh, I think he’s cute.


That would have to be the same deity that produced the liver fluke and the tsetse fly.

Actually it is natural selection working exactly as expected; over about 17000 years of coexistence dog and man have adopted a somewhat commensal relationship, and dogs have had their survival ensured, as the need for hunting adjuncts has decreased, by selection for cuteness. As humans control domesticated dog breeding, it is effectively sexual selection.

Darwinism is always right. (Yes, exaggeration, please don’t flame me.)


I think I may have found my new ringtone.