African wild dogs practice democracy – they vote with a sneeze

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Heck, when I do something by basset doesn’t agree with, he makes eye contact and sneezes.


One dog, one sneeze?
Lycaon pictus is dying out! Democracy doesn’t work!


I tried that once. Maybe that’s why Sanders lost Ohio.


I think every dog I’ve ever had sneezes when it’s frustrated with me (for example, it wants a pet and I’m busy). I’ve even web-searched the behavior, to no avail.

I wonder if this is related?

Well. I for one, vote for the treat!

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My dogs sneeze when they’re frustrated but also sometimes after particularly vigorous sniffing. An accidental sneeze during an important vote could be extremely embarrassing.


I’m just a layman, but I’d consider this a consensus or approval mechanism rather than voting. I guess if we all grab pitchforks and torches to go attack the monster down the block, we kind of vote for it?

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