Rallygoer makes dog raise right paw in Trump loyalty pledge


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My understanding is that the loyalty pledge is a pledge to vote for Trump. Now I see why the Republicans are so worried about voter fraud.


Maybe I’m just not looking closely enough, but that man looked so very serious while he held his dog’s paw up.

edit: Dog promises are serious promises, never to be broken.


Back when I did taxes, a client asked me if she could claim her dog as a dependent. “Yes,” I said, “but only if she has a social security number.”



Lending further credence to my theory that some pets just don’t know how to control their dumber counterparts in public.


Sheep, dogs, whatever… all raise your hands…


Well to be fair, dogs are pretty blindly loyal as it is.

Also, we constantly make them do dumb things. i.e. tricks.


What is going on, now they want to have their dogs vote after they marry them?


Wow talk about dog whistle politics… raise your right arm in fierce support of total victory! Hail victory! Hail!
Are they passing out arm bands yet? Snazzy gold lame numbers with a red circle and a white “T” cross at a jaunty angle.

Only a matter of time before someone is beaten to death at a Drumpf rally.


A cat would never do this!


#I pledge allegiance
#to the drag
#with the glaring personality disorder
#and to the Republicans
#for whom he stands.
#One nasty
#with short fingers,
#and insults,
#for all.


Naw, the dog was into it…

"More frightened than bigoted": Trumpism dominated by trade, not race

If I was that dog I would vow never to shit anywhere outside of that guy’s bed for the rest of my life


A loyalty pledge? WTF. Forget the dog, what the fuck is going on here at all?

Americans are weird.


If internet voting becomes a reality, no one will know the voter’s a dog.


Australia would NEVER pledge allegiance or loyalty. Amiright?

And to a QUEEN, for crying out loud. That’s not weird at all.


oddly enough, I knew you’d resppnd to that. and within an hour too. Go you! :slight_smile:

Aussies certainly are weird, but I assume even you can appreciate the difference between pledging allegiance to the HOS, and pledging allegiance to an unelected demagogue. Also, non-USAians pledge allegiance maybe two or three times in their lives, a event rare enough that means something. you folks appear to do it two or three times a week


And yet it was smart enough to resist an oath to Drumpf.

We could all take a lesson.


Personally, I think both are equally weird. Besides, when you squint, they both look roughly the same.

During primary schooling, yes. Schools are prone to ask students to pledge allegiance (though it’s to a flag, not an individual). I can’t remember the last time I had to pledge allegiance (peer pressure, blah blah) but I’m relatively certain it must have been my last week of primary schooling, some 30-odd years ago.

And by the by, it’s “Americans”, not “USAians”. I realize that it was probably an opening gambit to argue semantics and ambiguity of continent vs. country (I’ve seen this gambit before) but we do in fact call ourselves “Americans”.