"More frightened than bigoted": Trumpism dominated by trade, not race


Bigotry is the most effective way to get the poor to vote against their economic interests. Racism is one of the most pervasive forms of bigotry in the US. Of course he would go there.

Finding scapegoats for economic woes is far easier than finding solutions or going after the rich and powerful.


Wow! Gonna be quoting this all week.


Obviously racism has a lot of history to it, but it just takes so little to get people to divide themselves into in and out groups. I don’t think it would work for a national-level demagogue, but people get into actual physical fights because they like different sports teams. I’m pretty sure you could get a large group of people to become competitive between one another and cooperative amongst one another by just handing out two colors of T-shirts.


Racism’s history is not soo long. Only pretty recently has anyone come up with this particularly idiotic fucking racist theory of the world.

Before then… I think the general idea was folks aquired characteristics simply from the climate and regions in which one was born.

But they didn’t have the scientific evidence to produce something as amazing as…

Which I think was all a smokescreen so this asshat could say the Franks were better than the Gauls or something SUPER RELEVANT and totally interesting. So worth all the shit that’s come up later.

We got… What was it? Mongoloid… Uh. Aryans which always confused me because that’s way close to India… Uh. What else? I think Hispanic people are a new race… Lemme see. Made up of negroes and aryans and Indians… The other Indians. No. The other Indians. The ones from South America that someone didn’t mostly wipe out and move to the middle of nowhere and try to NEVER MENTION AGAIN! They got “married” (raped) a bunch and then… Through the magic of racism became Mexicans.

No. Not the Mexican Mexicans. The Mexicans we say when we mean brown people born south of the border of the United States. What border? Uh. The one past the last civil war and then way past when California became part of the United States.

Geez. Seriously I can’t keep up.



That is weird, because I didn’t really say anything so different.

I guess I’d noticed where Wanderfound and Humbabella pointed out that the real problem with comparing Obama to Hitler wasn’t invoking the latter’s name, but that it involved a reality-defying equating of medical care and concentration camps. And their link to where Godwin himself said that Hitler comparisons make sense if they make sense. And so figured that, in a case where everyone already keeps alluding to Hitler, at least the audience here might not be so inflexible on Godwin’s law as to allow a mention of his name where it actually did seem like a pertinent example.

My mistake, I suppose. I’ll bring it up again if Mexicans and Muslims start literally being loaded onto trains, and see if at least then we haven’t gotten a little more indulgent in noticing what that’s like. In the mean time this singular point in history can remain without cautions for us.

Interesting – there are lots of posts about not excusing the harm Trump’s support is liable to cause, but I can’t see a single post that even an uncharitable reading would place in the latter category. Are you just assuming that anyone who doesn’t like what is happening there doesn’t care about the people, or am I missing some?

It’s true racism doesn’t go so far back in itself, but ideas like this managed to fill similar roles to racism. Enough people from Greece looked down on the Africans who grew up with cultures were enervated by heat, and that’s for the ones who weren’t already disdainful of other Greeks from the next town over.

I’m pretty sure those also fit Humbabella’s point if sports teams would too. Which reminds me a lot of the Blues versus Greens, although I’m not sure if it quite fits the example of a demagogue using them, since they obviously became more than that and the famous example is an emperor foundering on them.


Maybe the takeaway from the Blues vs Greens is… It doesn’t take much to convince half of people to try and kill the other half.

Prozac in the water supply? Maybe that’s a good thing…



It’s fear-anger-hate-dark side, BTW


Remind where the “exhaustive…survey” part is in Frank’s article? He pulled lines from speeches and got quotes from supporters. He pulled those lines and included those quotes that happen to support his narrative. But they certainly don’t represent all the lines or all the supporters, and I don’t see anywhere in this piece that Frank attempted to tabulate or catalog how much any one of these given concerns compares to any others. That’s the sort of thing you’d expect in even a casual “survey,” much less an “exhaustive” one.


Still dangerous (think deadly police overreaction), but not quite as bad as the polar opposite


Back in the pile!


So he’s the distended asshole of middle America?


I believe you are absolutely correct. Trump is no more, and certainly no less, the buffoon he was in his previous failed announcements and attempts for the presidency. The difference this time is just how disgusted the Republican base is with the party’s establishment. He calls them out, and is being rewarded for it. His personal credibility doesn’t matter one iota. He’s exposing over an over what liars the regulars are.
I think the Democrats haven’t faced this moment yet, but they’re due too. Probably 2020.


1968 was when the Dems exploded.



“…prosperous enclaves on the two coasts.”

Strange… Trump seems to be least popular in the “flyover country” of Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.


What’s interesting to me is that @doctorow posted something that exited the echo chamber then most comments end up being a 20 foot plate reverb turned up to eleven.


I don’t know about prozac, but naturally occurring trace lithium in the water (orders of magnitude below ther a peptic doses) does correlate with much lower suicide rates, even in neighboring counties with similar economic conditions.


I still maintain that’s because we fought racists instead of fighting racism. Instead of saying “you can hate anyone you want to, but you’re not allowed to let it affect your job or public policy”, we made it socially unacceptable to think about, and subsequently ignored actual institutionalized racism on the basis that since we wouldn’t let a racist run the system, that system must be fair.

If we’d done it the other way around, the pressure would be on people to show unbiased positions in the way they hire and govern and provide services, rather than in their personal lives. The obligation would be on people to demonstrate fair and unbiased systems, rather than just being made to feel bad every time they laughed at an off-color joke.

And honestly, I think it would have worked a shit-ton better for actually ending the personal racism- Because it’s much easier to look at what you assume is an unbiased system and deduce there must be something wrong with those people who can’t get ahead, than it is to live in an equal society and still find a reason to stereotype an ethnic group.


Why is that “interesting” to you? That sounds like criticism. If so, how about trying to improve things here?