Dog gets human for Christmas

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They stopped filming before the part where doggie ate his new treat.


The dog knew the human was there way before unwrapping the ‘present’.

They DO have a keen sense of smell.

You don’t know that this particular human had doused himself with deer urine prior to be wrapped. :^)

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Cute, but I just can’t let those butt-licking poop-eaters lick my face like that. shivers

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man, that is one happy dog!

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (or possibly gives you some horrible disease unknown to science).

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No kidding! Look at that tail go.

It never ceases to surprise me how (relatively) quick it was to genetically engineer a moderately dangerous predator into something that thinks we are pretty much the most awesome thing that isn’t sniffing for hidden meaning in the hedge. And is a pretty sophisticated observer of our affect states, no less.

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I like to pretend that all the breeds of dogs existed in wild form. Wild beagles! Wild weimareiners! Wild poodles, complete with the poodle cut!

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You know, I almost had a crush on you :wink:

That would be something to see, especially the packs of dire pugs wheezing and staring around their hapless prey(and does happen for some things we think of almost purely as pets…I remember the dissonance when I ran across an article from some tragically malnourished and dusty location that mentioned the impact of wild gerbils getting into food stores, despite the fact that ‘gerbils’ are clearly something that is produced by spontaneous generation inside acrylic tube habitats).

Alas, in their continued role as better-people-than-us, dogs don’t appear to be nearly racist enough to do anything except turn into ISO standard mutts as fast as Brownian unplanned breeding can carry them.


There we go, ftfy. You can see the dog looking around for the squeaker after it gets done licking the guy’s face.

It happens a lot quicker than you’d even imagine.

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That was 10 minutes well spent…thanks!

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