“My pug hates my kisses”


Arrrrrgh! Human germs, Human germs!


Well, now she knows the sense of rejection her pug feels every time his face is pushed away from someone’s crotch.


That dog knows something…

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I’m willing to offer myself up as a pug-substitute.


I think it has to do with the fact dogs lick people/other dogs on the mouth as a friendly/submission thing, having a human kiss them on the mouth is ‘backwards’.

“What are you doing human? I’M the dog of the family, not you!”

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Every 10 years I allow myself to say, "Ahh, that’s really cute. "
See you in 2025

Boing vids don’t ever play for me. What wrapper do you use…? One that ain’t iOS-friendly, evidently…

From a preliminary look at the webpage structure, the way these youtube videos are embedded looks like this:

A div-tag with a unique video identifier > inside an a-tag that calls a script to pull in the embed code from youtube. It also has an argument for the video’s ID number > inside the a-tag is an image-tag for a gif called snowcrash.gif that gives it the moving static. Which is underneath a second image that’s a partially transparent PNG copy of the first frame of the video, so you can see the snowcrash effect.

When you click the video’s preview image, the embed code is supposed to be loaded in dynamically from youtube, then dropped into the page so that the embedded video pops up.

I have no idea why it’s done this way and seems awfully roundabout when they could just embed the video directly instead of using an image placeholder that embeds the video when it’s clicked.

Probably something to do with wanting the snowcrash effect.

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