An epic Pomeranian puppy sneeze has been captured on video, thank God

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In 11 seconds there is anticipation, suspense, and a satisfying conclusion. It’s also stinkin’ cute.



This is better than a unicorn chaser. At least pomeranians exist. (And they sneeze their cute widdle faces off!)


Apparently, the dog is allergic to people who shoot portrait video.


What are you trying to say !!! (hyperventilating here)

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Certainly not that unicorns don’t exist!

But. You can, suppose, travel to your grandmother’s house and touch a pomeranian. And then you can tell your friends about it and they’ll believe you.

Like a close encounter of the third kind with Jesus, touching a unicorn is theoretically possible. I just can’t point to anyone who’s really done it.

That could mean that touching a unicorn is a death sentence. It would explain disappearances like Earhart and Hoffa.

I guess I’m just saying that unicorns, while provable by indirect observation, just can’t hold a candle to a dog.

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Duh… fearless leader:


So obvious. I’m stunned you had to point it out to me.

Enjoy your boiled rats, comrades.


What sort of mess was created on that tablet that was in the direct line of fire?

ARE YOU KIDDING… North Korea is the best fed country in THE WORLD!!! It’s here in America where we have to eat boiled rats for the amusement of the capitalist class… Duh!

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That is one ugly cat.

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Hold on, I just got off a plane in Denver, give me a moment…WOAH! This changes everything.

You could almost hear the rattling as he shook his head.

(nah, Poms aren’t dumb, but they sure can look it)

“Seize the day”? More like sneeze the day.

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For pomeraneans, it’s the other way around: a sneeze is 8 orgasms.

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