Unicorn killed in Slovenia




“Wow. Look at that beautiful, unique specimen. See how it’s deformity hasn’t limited it’s ability to thrive and survive in any way…”



Hm. Followed the link to the source article and no actual picture of the deer, kind of lame.


“one large pedicle” = unihorn = unicorn. Just sayin’.

To the extent that we dismiss mythology with science, we deny the scientific basis of mythology. Seems to me that, while unicorns as mythical creatures, what with their curative powers and connection to virgins, might not have existed, something like this deformity could easily give rise to the myth of a rare creature known as the unicorn. And that actually makes things more interesting to me than just simply saying unicorns never existed.


All this proves is that the hunter was a virgin.


Are we going to have to kill Demon Tim Curry and return the horn to the unicorn?


And that unicorns are delicious!


I’m with you. Storytellers don’t make things up from whole cloth; there’s always a kernel of something they’ve seen or heard which gets spun into a full tale. Then the next generation of storytellers will add something from their own experience to improve the tale, and so on and so on. Why couldn’t there have been a few one-pedicle stags roaming the woods in Medieval Europe? And of course they would stand out as special, and stories would be told…


Wat to go, Voldemort. . .


The unicorn might not want it back.




I might want it back if Tim Curry still looked like that.


the image was visible to me…


I’ll just put this here


And I’ll just put this here :wink:


It was killed? Nasty. Think I need a unicorn chas- oh.


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