Unicorn boots

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Don’t unicorns have hooves that are more like pony/horse hooves – the hoof wall is continuous across the front of the toe, not split? These look more like cow, or, if you really squint, well, camel toes.


YES, these ankle boots are built to wear them in everyday life if you want! They are more resistant than some of the boots you buy in a footwear store and only high quality material and professional shoemaker technique was used to create them! If you look for cheap junk better buy somewhere else.

Awesome. If I ever decide to embrace the unicorn lifestyle, I’ll know where to turn.

I’ll be darned. This makes unicorns extra special!

+3 Boots of Clomping!

I wonder if the artist had ever really looked at a horses hooves.

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The Unicorn is killed and brought to the castle depicts, inter alia, both equine and unicornine hooves. The linked image should be high enough resolution for you to ascertain that in fact, the two hooves differ.

Perhaps you should simply accept that in the imagination of medieval artisans, the unicorn has cloven feet.

It’s also found in British heraldry, but lest you think that the wikipedia pages conspiratorially depict heraldic unicorns with cloven hooves, I’ll link to an extant artifact dating from the 18th century,

The arms of Queen Anne

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You spelled ‘think’ wrong.

…in the images created by some, which have survived. perhaps you should simply accept that neither you nor i can speak responsibly of what anone else definitely imagined. but can agree that image does have cloven hoofs.

as for what unicorns ACTUALLY have, go ask one.

Would that be a subclass of furry, or would it be an all new classification… horny? corny?

Draenei Cosplay! Yum!

I’d link to “unicorn man”, but as he is not wearing cloven hooves, I would not wish to appear to condone such a slovenly error against ponyboy protocol.

The sixth unicorn tapestry is called “The Unicorn is killed and brought to the castle” The Seventh is called “The Unicorn in Captivity”. Isn’t that odd-- that there’s a resurrection narrative associated with this beast?

All the tapestries described, in text

Of course Unicorns existed only in the medieval imagination. Of course there’s no real unicorn. But I think we do ourselves a real disservice if we start to think of the unicorn as a horse with a horn, and not as a truly weird and magical beast. Is there some odd symbolism associated with the cloven hoof? You’d never know to look, if you didn’t know that tradition depicts cloven hooves, and pretended otherwise.

Isaac Asimov is quoted as saying

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka” but “That’s funny…”

Don’t try to make the world less weird by ignoring the “funny” observations. It makes life less worthwhile.

Oh, “boots”.


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