The best inflatable unicorn


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(Only needs air)


I want to lawn bomb somebody’s house with about a 100 of them.


If you want to go in a slightly more Blade Runner direction a Google search for “papercraft unicorn head” yields results of varying polycounts and pricepoints.


I love the head - it just needs a little walnut plaque!


A couple of years ago I snuck into Pedro the Cruel’s house and put this horse’s head (which I learned about from bOINGbOING) in his bed while he was out on a job.


it’s not very fluffy.


Best, pfft. Here are a few of the worst (some still in design stage):


“The inflatable unicorn wall head is just incredibly nasty, thanks to the uncannily realistic horse photo printed on it. Unless you’re putting it in someone’s bed as a warning, avoid.”

Oh please, please, please, somebody make a video about this.


Walter Cronkite?


If that unicorn inflatable has “orifices” we’re going to need a Unicorn chaser.


And it doubles as the best deflatable unicorn too! What a deal!


The second one reminds me of Charles Stross’ novella Equoid which might involve the worst unicorn.


That is a “deflated” tardigrade.
All it requires is a microscopic air pump.


That’s a reseller. The original is an oriental trading product for $18, plus shipping.


“Anatomically accurate inflatable unicorn. Contains no horn.”

Update: Let the record show that it was BoingBoing where I originally encountered the concept of Inflatable Reindeer Fetishism.

Photos of inflatable reindeer orgies were entirely my own work.



Racking my brain to understand this. Throw me a hint, maybe? :thinking:


Inflatable, of course.