Dog has had quite enough of this Thanksgiving shit

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Was really hoping the dog would suddenly tear it apart.


Can’t say I blame him, I wouldn’t go for that toy either.

It looks like Gus’ muzzle is hoary with wisdom and that he is responding with condescending disgust, rather than incomprehension.

This is definitely the correct response.


The local Walgreens seasonally puts motion-activated annoyances like these on display, activating every time anyone walks anywhere near them. (The ear-piercing cackling Halloween witch one is the worst.) I don’t know how the employees suppress the murderous black rage that must surely be boiling up within.


What happened to America?

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It’s withdrawal. They simply stop processing external senses as a protective mechanism. I did it myself when I worked retail. You just sort of shut down processing of sensory information and drift off into a haze. That way the upset customer yelling at you doesn’t matter. The world turns gray, and the motion activated annoyances go unnoticed. It’s amazing what one is capable of on autopilot with no cognitive resources being used.


my dog Hollis will destroy crappy toys in a heartbeat.

I was once unfortunate to be near the cosmetics counter in a major chain store for a few minutes while waiting for a friend. They were playing a few bars of a Shania Twain song on a continuous loop as part of a promotion. Just those few minutes nearly caused me to lose my shit. How the poor people working there hour after hour, day after day could survive without serious psychological damage completely baffled me.


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