Man enjoys testing electric "bark collar" on himself

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Had a neighbor use that on his dog, it bit him unmercifully on the ass, twice. So dog - 2, man - 0.


this kind of stuff got researched by the missus and myself more than a few years ago now cause the neighbor had great danes (PLURAL) and she would let them out for hours and all they did was bark the whole time. As I was telecommuting at the time it wasn’t fun trying to concentrate on getting server builds done with the incessant barking. Luckily the neighbor moved just as we were getting ready to do so. Animal control had already visited the neighbor and we submitted logs of the noise but I am not sure what all would be done other than fines.

The real reviews said none of that stuff works and what does work is not making the dog neurotic and giving it proper attention and exercise.


Precisely. nothing is more damaging to a dog than neglect.


I think dog fighting is worse. Especially for bait dogs.


Going out on a limb here, but I think that falls under “neglect” as well.


Okay, but how does it feel to a dog. I’m guessing it is a lot milder because having a fur covered neck gives it better electrical insulation.


I don’t know about the particular design this guy is using but some have metal prongs that are designed to penetrate the fur and make direct contact with bare skin.

And I know someone who tested one of those models on her leg while wearing jeans. Even with that level of protection the lowest setting gave her a major jolt that she–an experienced dog trainer–said could cause a dog to panic and attack the nearest person.

So that might explain the experience of @Papasan’s neighbor.

Oh yeah, dogs wearing these will often yelp which will then just set off the shock again, creating a dangerous loop.


Oooo! I want to get him one of those Bene Gesserit boxes! Anybody want to chip in?


So what you are saying is that I shouldn’t get a small dog multipack for my neighbor?


Only as a hint. Unless it is the neighbor it is actually for… :imp:


I can’t imagine trusting the rejection of false positives well enough to use that on a sentient being.


And “invisible fence” dog enclosures use the exact same mechanic, in fact.

My wife at the time suggested we use one of those on one of our dogs who had a barking problem. She’d heard they weren’t that painful.

They are painful.

I tested it exactly like this guy did, and knew within minutes I was not subjecting Molly to that torture device.


It has to be a lot worse to a dog than to a human. The human knows exactly what is going on and how to make it stop. It’s like the difference between voluntary BDSM and rape.

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How do you solve a barking/boundary problem without causing any physical discomfort? I’m heck of uncomfortable with the idea of zapping dogs but I’m even more uncomfortable with the idea of them running into traffic or being taken away by animal control on a neighbor’s complaint.

Not a rhetorical question BTW.


We tried an invisible fence for our Kangal Dog because he could jump the existing actual fence. I tried to get through the training part of the fence installation, but A) it wasn’t working (he didn’t react at all to the shocks) and B) I hated the idea of shocking my dog. We built a taller fence instead.

That dog was problematic in so many ways, but I loved him so much. First and last time I’ll ever have a purebred dog, though.


Cheap bastard, just pay for a dominatrix already. It’s a lot more fun when another person is applying the pain, plus you get a nicer looking dog collar and your own doggy dish.


It’s a good question and not one I think has any simple answer. No solution is going to fit every dog or every family. It seems pretty obvious to say that getting a dog is not something anyone should ever do on a whim but it’s also obvious that not everyone thinks about it before they do it. And I get that it’s not always that simple.

Since others have brought up invisible fencing I’ll add this warning: not only does it subject your dog to shocks it also doesn’t prevent other dogs or other animals from entering your yard.


some google research Okay, now I hate humanity.