Dog confused by bowling alley sensor




Go figure, someone rich enough to have a private bowling alley stands back and chuckles as a dog is repeatedly severely distressed.


This just seems cruel to me and not funny at all.


This appears to be the same mindset that I experience trying to shop for a new fridge: dogged determination mixed with ignorance and fear of the unknown, shocked occasionally by forum reviews.


[Oblig XKCD][1]…

/that dog is a scientist!


FWIW: The caption on the vid says it is a local bowling alley. I agree with the rest though, you can see the dog is stressed and afraid of the buzzer. I never find these sorts of things funny. My idea of funny is watching a dog enjoy itself in something like a water sprinkler or at the beach or something.


If the dog were really afraid of the buzzer, wouldn’t it run away from it? It seems that curiosity is stronger than any fear, and the dog continues to try to investigate, or get at the source of the buzzing. It’s not like the dog is being held down and forced to confront the thing.


Concern-trolls. Do not feed.


I just knew any comment about the dog not being happy was going to be met with argument by people who want to laugh at a dog being scared without having the think about it.

To answer your question: No. Dogs often react with aggression as a fear response. Just because the dog might be curious about the buzzer doesn’t mean it doesn’t scare the crap out of it when it goes off. Ha ha, hysterical.

Further, the panting looks to me to be a stress response to the whole situation, not the result of exercise, but I only have the short clip to go on.


I think the dog is after the little red bug that keeps appearing and buzzing. (in his mind) But if you want to be concerned about anything, it should be the dog staring for long periods at the laser.


Not the bees! Not the bees!


OVER THE LINE! Mark it “zero,” Dude.


There’s some kind of prey thing going on here.

When the buzzer sounds the dog appears to be looking for the source, and in one of the later episodes appears to start into a “dive” behavior you see when coyotes and foxes go after critters buried in snow.


It looks and sounds like a personal alley to me. No “other people bowling” noise, there’s what appears to be an exterior screen door right next to the lane, and there is a dog in it.


Yep - this is rich people with a private bowling alley allowing/encouraging the tormenting of a dog.

Just like they do to the 99%, but with banks, rents, HMOs, political “parties,” etc., ad nauseam.


No, it’s not.


Yes it is.


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