Video camera attached to car wheel




Embedded animated GIF makes trying to watch the video basically impossible. Too much visual distraction in the peripheral vision! I had to go directly to Vimeo to watch it.


8/10 would vomit again



Couldn’t resist, sorry


I just watched the whole video start to finish, full screen. Where do I send money?


Edit at 2:36 is pretty blatant.


The GIF makes me think of this. Just needs a bat symbol zooming in and out.


My first thought when seeing the article title was who the fuck would want video selfies of themselves driving…?


Yeah. I can’t help but be disappointed in the distinct lack of giant fetus, though. And he could have stood to use a more diverse color palette :grin:


“Anti-shake” that Youtube!


If you blink fast enough, you can stabilize it.


You may want to check this video some friends did with an iPhone attached to a car wheel

Only the iPhone was recording using Horizon, an app which records constant horizontal video regardless of camera orientation.


This was absolutely exactly not what I expected, this was orders of magnitude more awesome!


A small part of my brain objects strongly to this video presentation. Well done!


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