Music video made for viewing on a smartphone


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lol, “don’t stop, get it get it” @ 1:17

Luke surely approves.


Fantastic! I could tell by the edges of the frame that the pop-out of the frame effect was done with just a piece of cardboard. Love the low tech play on high tech. Very imaginative. The out OK Goed OK GO.


Love the analog effects.


That was clever!

In related news:


Or is it? :wink:


Loved the song and the video was just brilliant. So fun. I kept want to answer the alerts.




I didn’t like it but I did watch it on my desktop computer so…


Er, the only way to view this on my phone (Note 2) in its intended orientation is to install the Vimeo app. Playing in a browser flips it. The Vimeo app has some pretty gnarly security requests. Is there an alternative?


A Spanish “band” also did it recently. Originally they released the video via a Whatsapp message that went viral (Whatsapp is very popular among Spanish teens).


Meh. Here’s a music video which looks like they’ve taken over your rotary phone:


I had to stop 1 minute in, made me feel like I was on a crowded train with someone’s phone shoved in my face.


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