This old phone makeover is one of the best restoration videos I've seen

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Old timey, I like I like.


If it were me, I think I’d try to figure out how to incorporate some contemporary phone guts into it. I miss phone receivers that actually reach the span from your ear to your mouth.


Analog telephone adapters for VoIP could be pressed into service. You’d need to have something like Asterisk and a speech recognition engine to deal with placing calls.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind with especially old phones is that the audio quality may suck even though it works. I have a circa-1928 phone from Oslo that is like that - it sounds like you’re listening through a barrel, and the microphone isn’t much better. Also, many of the pre-1950 phone designs make it impossible to cradle the handset against your shoulder (a problem that returned with a vengeance with cell phones).


Great little restoration, although I would have been tempted to leave the guts out and leave the box part so it can be opened on those hinges. Then you have more uses for it than just taking up space looking all retro cool.



No Raspberry Pi?

“Ahoy Google!”


I really love that there is no music soundtrack, just the natural sounds of the work. It conveys some of the silent concentration needed, & the soothing effect of handiwork. Also love the finish!


would make an excellent intercom to your workshop if you can find a second one…

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LADB is one of the best restorers on YT IMHO. His videos are so calming and interesting. He tries to save every last piece of wood and doesn’t fret about making things all shiny - just restored.


Exactly the kind of thing I want to watch. Extra bonus points for featuring the cat, however briefly.

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Fascinating. I wish it you could ring up “central” and make a call with it.

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