This One Summer [excerpt]


Page 24: “Boing … boing”. Product placement? :slight_smile:


There’s a more extensive preview on amazon

Too many silent panels.

You don’t like the sunrise scene in Lawrence of Arabia, do you?


Comic books aren’t movies. Thank you for illustrating my point. :slight_smile:

No, but I’m wondering why you might need words in panels where a girl rides her bike around. I recall a lot of summers where not a lot was really said but things were just done. The beauty of comics is that they can visually present information without text telling the story. A lot like movies at times.

Offhand, how would adding text to the silent panels help and what would you prefer to see them say?


For starters they could have added something like this when she is running the stick through the roadside grass:


So what is the appropriate proportion of silent panels to ones with non-onomatopoeic text? Because it seems like it’s not even a quarter of the panels are missing text, and all of them are clearly conveying something.

I think it’s quite well done.


Excellent point.
Fixed it! I did leave one panel where the discovery of the rock leaves her truly speechless. I thought this would really emphasize the magnificent element of nature and discovery.


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I love it when comic books have hand-drawn panels. It’s like nice wood trim…

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