This parrot is really good at singing Sia’s “Chandelier”

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Is the fact that this bird has been subjected to this song enough times to memorize it a good enough reason to rescue it for abuse? :wink:


Opinions are quite mixed on whether you should leave a radio or TV on for your parrots to keep them stimulated while their wingless flockmates are away at work (or wherever). The idea of leaving the TV on isn’t being questioned; it’s more that without you there, the TV may move on to content that the bird doesn’t like, but is unable to get away from.

The general sentiment seems to be that you’ll know if particular entertainment content upsets or annoys your bird, and should adjust accordingly. And yes, your parrot’s musical tastes may differ significantly from your own :slight_smile:


No birds in our house, but all our pets, and every animal that’s ever been part of my family, has liked classical music. Seems safest. Although our tabby has a strange affinity for EDM.



Still my favorite version:


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