This portable microscope camera magnifies objects up to 1,000x

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No shipping outside the contiguous US. Great, another retailer that won’t make the effort to offer USPS shipping. Just charge me for a flat rate box to Alaska, fercrissake. Screw UPS and Fed Ex.

Edit: BTW, I understand this is not necessarily bb’s policy. I don’t understand the relationship between the bb store and who’s actually selling these.

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No kidding. However, I recently had a priority mail shipment from Seattle come to me (in Hawaii) via Guam, 10 days altogether, so USPS does have its issues.


Does it come with a whole kit? Things like slides and dissecting kit and polarizer, and those all important brine shrimp eggs?

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You meant Sea-Monkeys, right? Crowns and all.

Is this real 1000x magnification (can you see inside the nucleus of cells) or Chinese-microscope-1000x-magnification (you can see big details of dust, moths, …)?

Also a Hawaii Boinger. Can confirm shipping be crayo.

Industrial Design by Tucker Carlson. Still, note the Nikon stage for imaging microtubules (sold separately for hell money or something.) The kid’s gonna need 3 good programmable centrifuges and a few cell passage kits too after they put together their own UV fume hood and FEL beam line…

The description states:

Compatible with iOS and Android phones with an OTG adapter (not included)

Does this mean if I obtain an OTG adapter (whatever that is) I can use it with my iPad?

Or only my iPhone?

Thank you

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