This prop master has devoted his life to the creation of paper products

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What an amazing and fun job. A lucky guy. Anyone who finds this interesting will also enjoy this podcast:

Also, now when I need false papers to flee the country I know who to go to.


Cool story. I will look at paper props differently from now on. I love the idea of recreating ephemera.

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The back room at our library could double for this man’s workshop :smiley: I occasionally make ‘documents’ for our RPG, including partly burned Nazi notes that sent our team into the heart of Africa looking for She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, and a photo of a Chinese vase made with uranium-enriched glaze.

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Where was this guy when I was in high school and needed a forged report card or two?!?

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I always thought Baby’s Day Out was a real children’s book!

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