This purring cat might be the most soothing thing ever


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Thanks. I needed that.


I nominate this as the new unicorn chaser :smiley_cat:


Can someone plz turn this into a 24-hour loop?


Its a good thing we have cats. They make this dying planet and the horrible part of humanity that inhabits it much more bearable.


Get an app called Ambiance and download the Kitten Purr sound. It is infinitely looped and it is wondrous. That plus Rain In A Car and Turbulent Rapids are the de-stressing soundtracks of my life.


I once had a link to a website where you could mix and match natural sounds (crickets, rustling creek, thunderstorms etc.) but lost it. Can’t find it using Google. Anyone? Hope they added this cat to it! Would be even better if I had it on my lap.



Maybe this one?


You can do that with Ambiance! (No connection with the app, just a very satisfied longtime user.) You can download a ton of sounds and then make mixes of them, and adjust the levels for each element: 80% rainstorm plus 10% thunderstorm plus 50% electric box fan? No problem!


Works well enough. Thanks!


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