This Raspberry Pi Starter Kit is your passport to the Internet of Things

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I take it the ‘internet of things.’ ‘Full stack’. And all are either books or more likely PDF docs? If this is the case those are ridiculously overvalued, and I’m rather annoyed at the pris of ebooks.

I could be wrong there since Kali Linux is apparently included so eh.

And ‘for less than the cost of dinner for two’? Seriously? Where are you getting your dinners at?

No comment on quality of the coursewoek but this looks like the cana starter kit with kalli instead of noobs and either ebooks or tutorial coursework.

Maybe I have my values wrong on this. Maybe I just see this in a wrong light but eh.

Thanks for offering a variation kit for people like me that don’t want to have a bunch of LEDs and ribbon cables to have to find a home for at the outset.

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Why does it come with a wifi adapter? The 3 has one built-in.

Look…they had all these Quick Starter kits already bagged and tagged. Why open and remove the WiFi adapter when you can add

Kit is compatible w/ Raspberry Pi 2 as well

To the copy and have a nice day

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But I do not want a passport to the Internet of things! T_T Why?


You don’t need a passport, IPv6 autoconfiguration is stateless.

But If you have one, I really do hope you have dual stack citizenship.


Something something wall something something making ipv4 pay for it.


Thanks, Anonymous adverbot!

Let’s look at this $99 kit.

It includes a Raspberry Pi 3. $39.95 value! Ok, this is legit.
This Quick Starter Kit includes stuff you don’t need like a Wi-Fi adapter (Wi-Fi is built in), an 8GB SD card which is laughably tiny in space, which either does or doesn’t include Raspbian depending on where you look on the page. The case looks of dubious quality. I’ve never needed a USB to TTL cable with my Pi. This is supposedly a $39 value. You will need some of the things in this kit if you don’t already have them and the price isn’t outrageous so I’ll give this a pass. You’d be better off buying just what you need though and getting a bigger SD card.

Now that we’re at $78.95 in cost, what is the additional gigantic value and massive 63% in savings giving you? A bunch of online courses. I can’t speak to their quality but I would imagine there’s nothing here you can’t find elsewhere for free with a bit of web searching.

My recommendation? Buy a Raspberry Pi from Amazon along with an official case (which is quite nice and well built) and any other parts you need lose. Don’t bother with “starter kits” unless they contain absolutely everything you need and nothing more or less at a reasonable cost.


Why is a dinner for two more 100 US Dollars? O_o
Sounds like Swiss prizes to me.

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