This scammy 900 number TV ad evokes bad vibes from the 1990s

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Anyone know who got the money?

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I wonder if something like this would work today. I mean, NOW you can rant about your opinion on the internet.


I’m going to go with “National Media Marketing, Inc”.

This is honestly fucking brilliant from a sheer money-making perspective.


Are 900 numbers still a thing? If so, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. And the best part is that you wouldn’t even have to pay to get the thing on TV. Just post to Facebook or Reddit and let it run wild.

“Can you tell which one of these women have had an abortion? If you said yes, think again. call 1-900…”
($2 per call)


$2 is getting off cheap. Today the same people who would call those numbers click phishing links and get their whole bank accounts drained. #goodolddays

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Should we be ranting about our opinions on the internet?
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