This "simple" nail puzzle has kept me amused for hours


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Nail puzzle? Or a poor man’s chain link.


I hate it when my key rings and keys do this. Just looking at this puzzle gives me anxiety!


Good to know you’ve finally moved on from that Chinese Finger Trap “puzzle.”




Actually, I have not figured out how to solve the Chinese finger trap puzzle yet. The last five years have been difficult.


Hmm, wouldn’t you put it together by doing the exact opposite of what you did to take it apart? Nevertheless, I can imagine myself struggling with that.


And no one here thinks any less of you because of it.


Heh-- I was trying to find a clip from The Simpsons, but that one is better.


Shh… no one tell him about tavern puzzles.


The real “puzzle” is why you would pay $10 for two bent nails.


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