Watch a master solve a nightmare ring puzzle

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somewhere somehow this is an analogy to how we get rid of trump.


i love the reaction of the audience when he shows the solution.


I laughed hard when they took the puzzle to the chimpanzee.


My parents bought me some tavern style puzzles like this as a teenager and one of them has this type of trick of passing the line through the work piece. If you do enough of these you begin to see the various methods and configurations. I’m more amazed that Japan has a puzzle ring association (who knows maybe they are trolling everyone.)


The chimp was close though! Manipulated the rope.


Well I just loved that video.


We had this exact puzzle when I was younger, at some point I knew how to solve it but I had forgotten how. I did remember it involved correctly passing the rope through the holes at the top and the ring through or around the rope though.

That’s exactly it, if you know a few variants you will recognize them in different shapes. Same thing can be said for other things, like scams, magic tricks, etc.

I was once at a company outing and one of the challenges was for two teams to complete two tasks as fast as possible and in the remaining time create a as high as possible tower using bamboo and rubber bands, highest tower wins. Obviously the team that starts the building of the tower first has a big advantage.

The team I was on, was big enough and contained enough motivated people that they could miss me during the first task. I don’t even remember what it was. The second task was a puzzle object similar, but simpler, to this one.

We could only go over to the second task when the first task was finished, but the puzzle was already laying there, on the floor, so I just took a minute or two studying it from a few meters distance. It was not exactly the same as a puzzle I had seen before, but it had the same sort of logic, so I could imagine a solution that would work.

When our first task was successfully done I walked over and undid the puzzle in one go. The other team didn’t stand a chance :smiley:

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