This small asteroid is Earth's constant cosmic companion


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Elon Musk sits bolt upright in his desk chair and reaches for his phone.


$10 says someone is going to try and name it Asteroidy McAsteroidFace.
(I think Rocky McRockFace would sound better though.)


It’s nice to have a travel buddy.


Aliens put it there to monitor the human race.


This small asteroid is Earth’s other constant cosmic companion

/ and so am I

// for the time being.


“I’m a citizen of the universe and a gentleman to boot.”
-The Doctor


Now stop to think that we can see an object less than 100 meter in diameter at a distance at least 38 times as far away as the moon. That’s a miracle in itself.


Naw man, that’s engineering and physics. No mamby-pamby angels or deities required.


NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office.

I wonder if they have a Michael Bay soundtrack on constant loop.


Ooh. The Private Prison Industry gets an eye-glint.


Sod huts break the prairie skyline
then melt in rain
the hip-roofed houses of New France as well
but French no longer
nor are we any longer English

  • limestone houses
    lean-tos and sheds our fathers built
    in which our mothers died
    before the forests tumbled down
    ghost habitations
    only this handful of earth
    for a time at least
    I have no other place to go

From ‘Handful of Earth’ (to René Levesque) - Al Purdy


Proves that our universe was written by Stephen Baxter, and Elon Musk is an alias for Reid Malenfant.


According to NASA, the asteroid is far enough away that it will eventually fall out of Earth’s orbit. Is it possible for an asteroid to be far enough away that it will fall out of Earth’s orbit, but large enough to see with the unaided eye?


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