This smart, powerful robot vacuum cleaner will make you wish you’d bought a robo-vac years ago

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Because the current version of a product is (allegedly) good, you will wish you had an older (presumably not as good) version.


I do love my robo vac!

That is all.

I need one that does edges and lots of pet hair.
anyone have experience with one (good or bad)?

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I received a Roomba from my boss for watching his dog for four months (we loved doing it and it was totally unnecessary). My husband is more of a fan than I. That being said, cons include

  • Still seeing a layer of dust afterwards as it seems to have an issue with decent suction.

  • Like a regular vacuum cleaner, long hair gets caught in its components. But being smaller means more extra care in removing the tangled hair.

  • Unlike a lawn mowing, the little guy moves in irregular lines and thus misses large swaths of the floor.

  • Sometimes it gets stuck.

  • Doesn’t do angles, so it doesn’t really doesn’t get the corners and the baseboards clean.

  • We don’t have a cat to ride the machine. :slightly_frowning_face:

The pro is that you can run multiple times a week, perhaps eliminating some of the left over debris and dust. This is a BIG pro if you suffer from allergies. (We don’t right now because I’m WFH and I don’t want to have to monitor it around my workspace.)

eta: verb tense


I took one the biggest risks of my life when I bought my wife a robot vacuum (not this one) for her birthday. She loved it, but remember I just bought her a vacuum cleaner. Every episode of the Honeymooners and Flintstones was going through my mind as I clicked to buy it. I wished the bowling ball for Christmas went as well.


much appreciated.
I don’t think a robot is what I need just yet, then.

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I thought a bit more about this and I need to add that my boss has major pet allergies, and the Roomba/Generic robot vacuum was a life saver for him and allowed him to live among his three dogs. That is a major plus, I think.



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