This storytelling chart explains nothing about season 7 of Thrones

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I really need to start watching The Game of the Thrones. It sounds interesting.

If you want to see an epic storytelling chart, check out this one the heroes over at /r/twinpeaks have put together for the latest season.

Massive spoilers inside if you’re not all caught up.

ETA I had embedded the picture but it was so large it was crashing my browser.

My 2015 Retina MacBook really had to think about whether it wanted to show that image, bravo Twin Peaks fans, bravo.

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I’ve been loving the current season but in typical Lynchian fashion it can be quite tough to follow with so many plot threads being presented in a very non linear way. Often times storylines or characters are dropped and reintroduced weeks later. Definitely challenging television.

I found this to be an invaluable resource for reorienting myself.

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