This super organized luggage has compartments for everything

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I love the idea of vacuum-sealing the contents, but once TSA opens the bag what happens to the overflow?



Yeah, I think that feature makes this suitcase useless for anything but car trips - which is when I don’t need a carry on sized bag or special packing tricks. Maybe that’s why it’s being sold at Stack Social rather than through regular channels?

After watching the video, it looks like the “vacuum-sealing” feature isn’t the kind you’d use with an air pump to suck out every molecule of air.

It’s more like a one-way valve on some of the internal compartments, so you can manually squish the clothes and it will push out some of the air. So if TSA rifles through your underwear, you can always just re-squish it at the airport to make it fit.


I use the roll-up-and-compress bags in my ordinary luggage, but:

  • The bags are easily damaged, and if built in I would worry about cost of replacement, and
  • If TSA scatters your underwear and it doesn’t fit back in your bag no guarantees of ever seeing it again.
    Not a conclusive objection, but not a negligible concern either.
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If it takes special steps to get the suitcase to close I don’t trust the suitcase to get closed by the TSA at all. So the feature is a deal breaker. Sure, you don’t have to use it. But if you aren’t going to use it there is no reason to buy this particular suitcase.

This bag looks pretty amazing, but it might be pushing the edge for some planes size-wise.

I own one of these and the “roll up” thing is pretty useful. I squish underwear, PJs, socks, etc on the way out. On the way back it’s full of dirty laundry. It’s well balanced and sturdy. I can do a 5 day business trip with it. Never had problems with TSA, they pretty much ignore that section since it’s gripped to the inside. I’m a full time road warrior; 48 round trip flights in 2018.


It is a bit challenging on a regional jet. But I usually don’t have a problem with it fitting in the overhead unless I’ve overstuffed it.


Wheels out, not sideways?
I’m a frequent traveler and I am a stickler for overhead rules… :slight_smile:

Usually wheels out works fine except in smaller regional planes. And I’m right there with you on the overhead bin rules.

They lost me at the umbrella compartment. How much wasted space for a tiny, useless, ultimately disposable umbrella. A great rain jacket and a waterproof bag will do you better when traveling.

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