Crowdfunding a suitcase that becomes a closet


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Have you thought much about luggage…?


Not a fan of built in powerbanks. They may or may not break, but if they do plenty of owners will most likely carry on using their carry ons (heh), with the broken battery still inside the casing. Plenty of people won’t be bothered to open the battery compartment to see if the battery is leaking for example.
I worry that 10 years from now I will regularly be sitting on a plane where 10 - 20% of the luggage items will have a broken lithium battery inside.


Oh lord, I see all kinds of red flags here. The two main ones that leap out at me are:

  1. They assiduously avoid showing the compression process. Why? I mean, I know how compression bags work, but I want to see their method to get a sense of how it’s designed into the bag. This is rather suspicious since it’s so central to the design of the product.

  2. What’s up with the terrible “INDEGOGO” ADR when they talk about how they are offering it exclusively to us as early backers? Did they already get kicked off of another platform?


I have an old steamer trunk that’s a closet. I’ve never traveled with it, it’s not something that I would expect airlines to accept.



I have a bunch of liquids, etc, that are a pain in the ass to carry on but make my travel that much easier

Ain’t booze great?


When it becomes a closet, is there a locked safe at the back of it?


This is a very interesting product, but I’ve noticed that creative inventiveness too often activates some “creative” need to over exaggerate – and in off-putting ways – the problem being solved. Balling up everything and forcing all that back in when repacking? Really? Who actually does that?


Seems like that closet organizer thingy takes up space that would be better taken up with, you know, clothes. Do people really have this much trouble packing a suitcase?


This seems to be a product with one engineered purpose only: Elimination of the need to unpack. I have a feeling that some buyers out there won’t consider the practical downsides, then be – oh, my! – surprised that the pack-able space is annoyingly limited. I guess that’s when version 3 will be rolled out; a larger suitcase, one that’s check-in sized (but that could only contain enough stuff that would fit in a normal carry-on).


Like the infomercials where someone clipping a nose hair or straining spaghetti or gardening absolutely screams out in agony and drops everything on the ground cuz something nicked/splashed on them. Often with a big X over their twisted desaturated face (freeze frame).


What would really be practical was a suitcase that becomes a toilet.



Just one of the many reasons I avoid television.


Hasn’t this sort of thing been done before? Because if they can’t get patent rights, I reckon there will be a much cheaper knockoff available in short order.


So many questions . . . we need a review. Cory, please buy one of these and report back after a book tour. :slight_smile:



Can we just cut to the chase and get modern steamer trunks?

A set of drawers with hanging storage designed to unfold into a changing table and vanity while storing all your stuff?

Perhaps one optimized to store your clothes in transit and be usable both as a vanity and a moble office?


I’d pay for a trolley with a built-in vacuum sealed-bag-and-pump.


I’ve thought of the same, but what would you do if you’re in a hotel and cannot get hold of a vacuum to “re-suck” your luggage before the return trip?