Travel smart with hanging compression shelves


One of the few times I feel sorry for men is when traveling. Not from a safety point of view, obviously, but it is much easier to pack (and hand wash, so you don’t need to pack as much) when you’re a woman. That includes business and evening wear, not just casual clothing. You can easily find clothing in appropriate materials which are lighter, less structured, and less likely to wrinkle no matter how they’re packed.


On that subject (I also travel often for work), I finally replaced my POS carry-on with this guy, a LuggageWorks Stealth Air 22. Pricey, but made in the US, trusted by almost every Pilot you see, and the J-Hook is awesome with a heavy laptop bag. The steel frame (they also have plastic framed models) is a little on the heavy side but practically indestructable. I’ve never looked at luggage before and said “This will outlast me”.

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who “staggers into a hotel at 10PM” ? made the whole rest of the article completely not believable.

You’ve never left at 6:45am for a breakfast meeting that segues into a full day of work with strangers in a strange place, followed by a non-optional group dinner? The brain is mush by 10pm on those days.


I will have to try one of these. Not a fan of the original hanging self system because it didn’t compress like this does. I’ve worn out about half a dozen of these guys in the past several years:

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…People who got out of an engagement at 9pm, and are tired and jetlagged from traveling? I’m not sure what your complaint is.

I’d like to know what a “compression bag” is, assuming it’s not “a regular bag only you shove stuff into it really hard.”

Did you notice how most of those results are stores selling compression bags without actually explaining what they are?

No, you didn’t, because you were too eager to get in a cheap shot to actually google the thing you’re telling me to google for.

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