The Airport Jacket is a suitcase you can wear


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I really can’t decide whether this is fail or win…


Isn’t that more of a satchel than a suitcase?


My New Year’s resolution for 2015 was not to post negative things on the internet. This seems like as good a time as any to get started with that.


What else is there to post on the Internet?


Certainly will keep the “back massager” accessible…


It doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, but then, I can’t watch the video at the moment.

Reminds me a little of this:


I’m sure this will be hugely popular among the TSA.


“Hi! I’m not entirely sane.”
“Nice to meet you, I’m the TSA agent who will be stripping you naked and inspecting areas you didn’t even know you had.”

Why, don’t they have suitcases like normal people?




Not having any luggage will get you marked for a body search.




The jacket looks nice but loaded up full of stuff i can’t imagine it keeps the stylishness. You’d end up looking uncomfortable while wearing several pounds worth of luggage. but if this is useful for some people then why not.

The times i’ve had to fly recently i’ve traveled very very lightly. Everything in a regular sized backpack, though my trips have been for short periods of time so it’s easy for me to get away with hardly packing things.


You’d probably feel very smug about getting around the baggage fees…

Right up to where they required you to wear the (Jack-ggage? Coa-ggage? Lugg-ket? Lugg-oat?) for the duration of your flight to Japan. The lumps alone ought to ensure you arrive needing a wheelchair to leave the plane.


Wow. A Kickstarter project to copy an existing product; the Scottevest

Would you really invest in a kickstarter project where the people involved haven’t done even basic due diligence?


Reminds me of a Scott eVest, but taken to an even more ridiculous level



Jack-ggage? Coa-ggage? Lugg-ket? Lugg-oat?



I have a Scottevest (don’t judge me, my girlfriend bought it for me). I don’t load it to capacity, but it is kind of nice to have pockets for lots of stuff that you might need access to. Only problem is I forget which of the 40 pockets things are in, and end up searching myself for things.