This sushi-making robot can churn out 2400 nigiri balls and 200 sushi rolls in an hour

I am fully prepared for a John Henry style man VS machine challenge of that robot. Except, I would challenge the robot by eating all the rolls it could make in an hour instead of a more parallel man vs machine rolling contest. I would only need an unlimited supply of (imitation) wasabi and soy sauce to show that mechanical chef who is ichiban!

Would it actually have to eat them?


But is the wasabi real?


Now if only there were a way to get the fish out of the ocean faster.

One of my major goals in life is to one day (before the robots take over) eat at Jiro Ono’s sushi bar in Japan. World-class chefs from all over have made the trip there to partake of what’s been described as the best sushi in the world, bar none.

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Good advice. Must remember that. I won’t fugu it anytime soon.

The Beau Hunks have done excellent, incredibly authentic recreations of Scott’s music, micking their performances as Scott would have. Fun, fun listening.

PS: Raymond Scott went to my high school! Well before my time, though.

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To bad global warming and rising ocean acidity will most likely cause most marine life to be extinct. Good riddance, never liked eating fish, probably never will.

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