This tiny little backup battery packs enough punch to jump a car back to life

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Isn’t this the kind of thing that you’ll use years after you buy it, at which time the charge will have dissipated.


Exactly. It’s why I keep a AAA membership.


I’d like to have one as a trial, just to see how it copes with some of the cars and vans we have at work; the company repairs and refurbishes ex-fleet vehicles, none are very old, but they can have a battery go flat that even one of the big, heavy packs won’t start. We had one small van that we had two jump packs and a set of heavy duty jump leads from a large diesel SUV on, and it still took nearly an hour to get it to start!
Mercedes seem to be the worst if the battery goes flat, it does something to the ECU that means you just can’t get the car to start; I’ve seen four go to dealers on transporters because they were bricked by the battery going flat after delivery.
That’s a small percentage, we can have over 3000 cars on site at any one time, but no other make seems to suffer this issue, and it doesn’t inspire confidence…

Good thing it’s rechargeable!

As much as we all like to shit on the BB store, this kind of product (well, I can’t speak to this specific one - I know nothing about it) is a really useful thing to keep in your trunk in the event of an emergency. Lithium ion batteries have minimal discharge over time unlike lead acid car batteries assuming no parasitic draw.

Getting a jump from another car is never convenient and products like this with lithium ion batteries are very compact and far less cumbersome than the jump starters of old that essentially contained their own lead acid car battery that needed to be kept charged.

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Odds are that the kind of person who buys this and makes sure it can be actually used when needed is also the kind of person who makes sure they don’t wind up with a flat car battery…

On the other hand - it’s nice to have stuff at hand to be able to help out others.


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