This 3-in-1 jumpstarter, power bank and car vac is essential carry for your vehicle

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t turns out that about two-thirds of drivers have an assortment of junk in the trunk…

Hmmmm, I’d like to see how well one of these copes with some of the vehicles with flat batteries on our site.
We’ve had cars and small vans that were really difficult to start with a commercial-grade battery pack the size of a briefcase plus super heavy-duty jump leads, a recent car not only refused to start with both of those, it drained the jump pack, and started to melt the jump leads!
We had to get a breakdown truck in to start it from his extra-heavy duty leads running from terminals on the truck - the battery had 3 volts in it, we were trying to put current into an almost solid block of metal.
To be clear, some of those vehicles have been in storage since March when C19 closures came into effect, so it’s no wonder the batteries die.

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