USB recharger battery that can also jumpstart your car




Several similar devices are currently on the market, why hype this one?


Anything that can source 300 Amps ain't goin' in no pocket of mine.


But if it's USB-based, wouldn't it output five volts, not twelve, regardless of the amperage?


Looks like it has a switch mode power supply to generate USB plus the raw battery output for car jumping.


This looks like a pretty good deal, actually. I might get one for my quad-copter. If it's really 6000 mA and weighs 7 ounces, that's very good compared to this Tenergy 5000 mA-h pack that weighs almost twice as much and is about 10% greater volume.


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This guy makes dangerous engineering FUN!


Yeah, I wonder how hot the arc will be when a coin bridges the terminals on that?


Uh, no. I'm fine.


The cable with the jumper clips is removable, so I think the idea is you just keep that part in your car not your pocket!


I have the powerall, which I found out about on this site I think. It can jumpstart at 12v up to 400 amps. Also has USB, cigarette lighter style and various DC connectors. And a flashlight.


6000mAH isn't a measure of total energy, though -- for that you'd need to multiply by the voltage. I suspect that they haven't found a cheap half-weight battery, but that they are basing this rating on 3.6v or 5v instead of 11.1v of your Tenergy pack. That math works out - that's a little less than half the energy of your pack.


Any nickel cadmium battery will do that. Back in my teenage years we used them in our model aircraft and we used to say you could start a car with them. My friend had a pack of NiCd batteries melt through the bottom of his back pack.


Does it come with nipple clamps? Just asking for a friend.


What's cool is that the fuse is on that removable jumper clip ... so if you need to do some emergency cauterizing, just skip the wires and stick a paperclip in there!


Can I be the first one to say: "Uh, no..."?

Fer, ahem, starters, if that little battery pack is good enough, that battery isn't really dead or, more importantly around here, frozen.

I'd like to see it try to start a car in Win(ter)nipeg, with the crankcase oil more the consistency of crankcase molasses. Yeah.


I was just about to say that surely it would probably go bang as soon as you made that sort of current demand on it, but I think you answered my query - thanks!


Yeah, they don't really spec it too well, watt-hours are much better. If the cells are around 2700 mA-h (I'm assuming three series cells losslessly converted to 5V), then sourcing 300 amps would be over a 100C rate, which is pretty scary unless they're using some of the new chemistries with nano-tube or some such high-tech.