This video uses a model car to explain NAFTA


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i remember these types of low-level model kits being available when i was a kid - it was a sort of gateway drug. no worries - there are still plenty of “real” model kits out there for those who enjoy paint, glue, and effort :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly. Those are like level 1 kits. You can still get “regular” kits.


If you’re interested, the VOX creative team is available to 'splain your business, ideas or whatevs:


Good video. But, there is more to NAFTA than cars. For one thing there is an immigration component, certain visas are available to allow workers to move between countries for certain jobs.


Despite all the good jobs, I think we are putting too much weight on an industry that should gradually shrink. We have the pressure of autonomous vehicles coming, and a real need for public transportation. I hope there is more to these trade agreements than cars.


My thoughts exactly! Automobile culture is bad for people, bad for the environment, and it’s going to go away as the real costs of petroleum make their effects known. So it’s hardly worth making me watch that orange fucker in any case.


The current administration doesn’t care that the price of cars will increase or that the automotive manufacturers (and ultimately the American consumer) will have to pour 2.5% of the increased cost of many cars into the government coffers. This is how the Republicons and their so-called ‘president’ plan to raise enough money to keep the government running after relinquishing trillions of dollars in taxes to the extremely wealthy - increase taxes to the working class through various tariffs (cars at 2.5%, imported steel at 25% and aluminum at 10% etc.).



ZOIDS were much the same. Nobody ever complained about them, and they’ve been around since 1982.

Of course, I imagine you could still paint these like I used to with ZOIDS.


I always find it funny when the news sources people find so dear really put the “liberal” in “neo-liberal.”


When I tried to graduate to the more advanced models, I just got gluey fingerprints all over the windows and a shift lever that was 80% glue and 20% plastic. Needless to say, I was no budding maker.


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