This Wand Remote makes couch surfing magical again


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@Falcor time leak from the present

worth a try, eh?



Y’know, I kinda DO want to try it.


The wand is made of plastic



‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’.


“Take the Bigfoot bowling,
take him bowling.”

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Do I care that my wife won’t touch it because it makes her feel silly? Of course not - it just means more magical gestures for me.

Sounds like she already has a stick. (It’s just stuck up where you can’t see it…).


naughty, naughty.


My kids got something that works just like this years ago at Great Wolf Lodge. Looks about the same as well. Of course it was set to activate the effects at the Lodge, and not programmable.


Can you use this with a Tivo?


No comment yet on the misuse of “couch surfing”?

Is it only here that it means “avoiding paying rent by alternating sleeping locations between friend’s loungerooms”?


Call me when then do a less ridiculous version like a 80cm doubleheader floppy dildo remote


OT: Everyone makes fun of those naive christians with their bible verses as passwords (and rightly so) and here we are … seems like someone really did click on the link from the spammer above.


But what if it certain gestures were also voice activated? Then you could have the same gesture for a suite of selections but a specific spell for each one “Adjusticus contrasto!” Or “Whatsonidum Animalplaneti!”


This generally evolved into the phrase couch surfing (as well as spawning the idea of web surfing). I’d imagine the alternate meaning of couch surfing you describe didn’t really take off until the website associated with said practice was launched.


“Couch surfing” in the cheap-housing sense predates the internet by decades, in Australia at least.

No connection to TV at all over here; “channel surfing” is a thing, but we don’t care what you’re sitting on.


Was just about to make that comment


My partner used it for a day and now is sitting in a box in the garage, it’s pretty useless outside of the novelty for the day. I can think of many better things that we could have done with the money.