Shower curtain with pockets for phones and tablets so you can stay connected while wet


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Better hope you don’t have malware that can take over the camera…


Could make for a fun face chat or whatever they call it.
Good Morn…Heeeeeelllllooo there.


Coming next week to the BoingBoing Store :thinking:




I dont even take my phone to the bathroom. Insanity.


I’m only surprised that this does not already exist. People love their screens!

And surely this will allow Alexa to offer even more guidance… (perhaps you need to shave there, instead of there…)


First, if you have to take your device into the shower you’ve got issues

Second, if you have enough devices to fill all those pockets you should be showering your self in Bitcoins not water.


But will they be as strategically placed for me?


A deductible business expense for camgirls!


That is insanity! What do you do to pass the time while pooing?


This item isn’t for me, as I am freaking blind as fuck with out glasses.


I mean… keep a book in there (of short stories or essays) or magazines? Journals?


Scoff - like a cave person? No thanks.


I was hoping for more silly reviews… “This thing is awesome! I feel very safe knowing my electronics aren’t in the shower with me. Plus I can fit my panini maker in it!”


Just poop. I’m old fashioned.
I do read in the bath though.


If you are spending long enough in the shower to play with screens, you’re doing it wrong.


Wonder if those pockets have drainage holes… You know, for induced condensation?


This calls for a major remake of Psycho. And throw in Dressed to Kill while we’re at it.


A lot of phones these days are already water resistant. I would have thought physically blocking the camera would have been part of the design. So… target markets… maybe college students and pornhub? An add on option for a clean up after your gross roommate squeegie?