You'll never want to shower without this gadget again


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Works fine for me…


Because apparently I can’t go 8 minutes without having to hear Miles Davis or something…


I have a 260 watt amp in a 500sq ft flat. I can heat what I’m playing everywhere :grinning:


I cannot live without this track under the shower!


do you live alone?


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We’ve all tried to use our phones to play our favorite album or listen to a podcast while we’re in the shower—[/quote]

No. I’m pretty sure we all haven’t.


Don’t believe this discount. The same speaker is $22.95 on Amazon with Prime shipping.


He let me down…


And your neighbors hate your guts, amirite?


Boy George.


I’ve always had a sound system of some sort in the bathroom. Right now, it’s an old Sony splash-proof sort-of-boom-box that I bought in the '80s. It has a cassette and CD player (plus am/fm), but no audio input jack. But I had about a half dozen of those cassette converters that Radio Shack use to sell. Just pop that in, hit play, and then jack in my phone. Works great, sounds great. There’s no need for the speaker to be in the shower, unless it just lacks the power to sound good from 5 feet away.

Just remembered - this Sony could record radio directly to a cassette. Way back when, I use to use it to record the fantastic CBS Radio Mystery Theater, by just hooking it up to a timer, and using 2-hour cassette (1 hour per side). Wish I still had those.


They’re remarkably tolerant as it goes.


me too. but the English Wikpedia claimed that the link is the real thing : )


You’ll never want to shower without this gadget again

Is that a threat?


16 watts.

(Also have an eight watt sixties tube amp I picked up years ago before anyone knew how awesome it was; a 100 watt solid state/tube preamp which sounds amazing; and a 1000 watt monstrosity that was bordering on outdoor performance volume levels. Lawrence of Arabia never sounded more epic.)


Not the type of gadget I was expecting.


Via induction?


i’m pretty sure i’ll be fine without this piece of crap. i can also go for the entire length of a shower without having to be entertained or worrying about missing some notification from my phone.


With equipment like that, you don’t live alone. You live by yourself.