Prepare to get freaky: the shower speaker is back!

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thanks, but I’ll wait for the Amazon Echo Shower


What if we’re already freaky? We don’t need shower speakers, I guess?


“Sorry, what did you say? There’s this drumming noise, like someone is tapdancing on the microphone.”

“I said I’m in the shower, and would like you to… Nevermind, let’s talk dirty later.”


The spotify shower playlist looks enjoyable enough, but it seems to be missing Carwash.

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I’ll just leave this here.

Also good for beach.


Yeah, sorry, but this speaker is a piece of grab. The charging plug doesn’t seal very well, the battery barely lasts a single shower, and the suction cub comes pre-mangled so it doesn’t even stick very well. Not really even worth the lesson it taught me.

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Mood music?

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Heh, I used to have one of these. They aren’t of the best quality, but the bluetooth comes in handy since i can pair it with my Garmin tracker (i don’t usually take it off during the day) when i go into the shower.

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