Shower dance party!


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Does anybody have this thing? I’m curious if it’s any good.


How have I lived without this all these years? At least, if you call this living, taking five-minute showers without even the luxury of a podcast? Thank you, Boing Boing, and thank God for you!


Honestly I can imagine enjoying NPR in the shower, or a few songs. Good for baths, too. But there are hundreds of these things on the market, I’m curious if this one is decent compared to others…


Just the thing to foil eavesdroppers and bugs!


I can say with confidence nobody wants to eavesdrop on the noises I make in the shower.


A nice quiet hot shower is good place to get away from it all for a few minutes at least. No thanks.


Delight and surprise loved ones by queuing up the soundtrack for “Psycho.”



I’ve got a stereo with big speakers you can hear anywhere in the house. That’s really good.


if you can hear a podcast clearly in the shower from speakers in another room, your neighbors must love you…


Doesn’t say what kind of batteries it uses. Disqualified from any serious purchasing consideration, even without considering other factors.




I believe my prayers have been answered.


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