This shower speaker is twice as powerful as your average shower speaker

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So you have something in your shower you think is twice as big as the one in my shower?


This one little trick will send your housemates over the edge


I can imagine turning on the news, and then lunging for the off button while covered in soap.

Or for those of us with kids, it effectively drowns out whatever they’re arguing over. I have a (different) tub speaker and a jacuzzi tub. With the jets running and the music cranked, I don’t have to hear any of it.


Why [expletive deleted] would I even [expletive deleted] want the [expletive deleted] ability to [expletive deleted] receive [expletive deleted] telephone calls while I’m in the [expletive deleted] shower, for [expletive deleted] sake?


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TIL that “XXL” means smaller than a wall tile.


I keep reading about shower speakers, but I don’t get why you don’t just put a stereo or whatever in the bathroom. I admit I put a complicated system in my wife’s shower for her TV, but that is because it would be odd to have the sound coming from a different direction than the picture. But with music or podcast or such, I would think sound from outside the shower would work, at sufficient volume.
Am I misunderstanding the problem?

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Possibly. In part it depends if the room with the shower/bath is “open” or partitioned. For an “open plan” spacious room, you could just put the sound source in there but then you don’t have ready access to playback/volume controls. If the shower/bath area is partitioned, say with a door, then you need something inside there and now you are into waterproofing which most stereo/TVs don’t feature.

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Sort of.
Simply cranking up the radio (or whatever) you already have in the bathroom won’t sell another radio (or whatever) to put in the shower.

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I can only think of one kind of phone call I’d take in the shower, and it’s not the kind from work.

WOW! A speaker that is not only water proof but can also stick to the wall in your shower and control the music. This is every college kids dream. The price is also great, most speakers cost anywhere from $50.00 - $100.00, this affordable speaker should be getting way more attention than it is. The designs come in different colors and the rubber grips even allow for you to find the buttons even if you cant see them.

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