Set your shower orange eating to music


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Shower… Orange… Wait what?


As much as I prefer my own singing in the shower there are times when it would be nice to have some backup. Or, hey, will it play podcasts? I really want to be able to go into work and say I took a shower with Glynn Washington this morning.


Tis a thing.


Why? Is shower banana eating too weird?


I would imagine bananas are not as potentially messy?


I suspect @jlw is responsible for the title.


Maybe I should try shower mango eating then.

Every time I eat a mango I feel like taking a full shower… plus brushing and flossing my teeth.


There are benefits to multitasking.


I feel old.


Sounds like you need to tear into an orange next time you shower. Reddit makes it sound like the fountain of youth.


I just feel confused. Does that count?


I’d be totally in to this device for listening to NPR if I spent more time in the shower. My showers though are like 5 minutes tops. Hardly worth the setup.


Mango peels contain urushiol. I would not personally risk peeling one under hot liquid, as I have had some very unpleasant run-ins with poison ivy.

Shower Orange. Like Shower beer, except for Oranges. Maybe other citrus fruits…

I bet shower mint juleps would be lovely, though…


I never mentioned hot liquid.

But there’s something about eating a mango while taking a cold shower that absolutely screams sexual frustration


God dammit.

I do this with cheese steaks. Buncha posers.


I tried one of these but the shower goat gets spooked by the music.


My parents got me this speaker and it would have worked well except for two problems:

  1. My shower surface is too rough for the suction cup to work, but that’s not the speaker’s fault.

  2. Whenever you turn this speaker on, it makes a terrible noise at whatever volume you last had the speaker at, so if you didn’t turn the volume all the way down at the end of your last shower, you get THE BEEP OF GOD. This flaw was awful enough that I gave up on using the speaker entirely, and I now sing in the shower without any accompaniment.

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