This Waterfield Designs Nintendo Switch case is pretty sweet

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Waterfield is the foshizzle. I’ve dailied a Cargo briefcase for 15 years, it looks worn in, not worn out, and everything still works as new.

We’ve got one of these Switch cases and it is almost too nice. The kid will be able to carry it into the boardroom long after the toy it was designed for is dust.

I have a hard shell Amazon Essentials Switch Case and sort of prefer it over this type of design as it helps against weight, drops, etc. I do however have big appreciation for high quality leather, i have a Nomad leather case on my phone that set me back like $50 and i love it.


What’s the deal with using the airplane’s power outlet?

If you’re worried about using the USB ports, get yourself a syncstop. It only connects the power connection not the data one. I think of it as a condom for public USB ports :wink:


You can buy or make your own. I like this one because it’s agnostic. Of course, you have to trust that it does what it says on the box, or get a multimeter and test pins yourself.

This is also the switch case I settled on after trying several others. It was expensive, but it looks really sharp even after a year. I keep wanting to switch to one of their laptop or messenger bags, but my current laptop is too large for it.

I have a Waterfield for my 3DS. Fantastic case and really looks more “adult” than some other cases. Not that I really care - I’ve gotten some very strange looks sitting in the business lounge at the airport playing it - but it’s nice all the same.

Looking it over now, it is weathered from heavy travel and use but still all the seams and thread is solid. It’s built to last.

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