This website lets you listen to pleasant noises while you work


I’m actually looking into stripping the sound effects from online and letting a Raspberry Pi endlessly loop it, both TOS and TNG I can also build a box with a couple of pots and some sequencing LEDs to simulate the lighting effects from the advertised generator. It should be fun.


When we restored some Vietnam-era ejection seats, I ordered some cheap mp3 player boards off of ebay, and loaded a bunch of period and mission specific audio onto the flash drives. We hooked them into the helmet jack and set them for endless loop. So if you sit in the seat, and hook up the helmet, you get about 6 hours of mission audio. We tested the boards on the shop audio system for a couple of days, and it was sort of immersive, and interesting.


I have the original 1hr EnterpriseDAmbience.mp3, so I flicked it over to my Pi sound player. Yeah, that’s not bad.


I’ve been using an Android app, the Beltone Tinnitis Calmer, which lets you mix similar sets of sounds, new-agey music, etc. The goal is to get you used to ignoring background stuff like that, so you can also ignore the high-pitched background noise your brain generates when your ears are no longer picking up high frequencies sounds due to age-related or other hearing loss. Helps a bit, and it’s a useful distraction sometimes, though it means wearing headphones.


I really like the android Sleepo app. Has a lot of the same features, different sound palates, mixer and individual volume controls. Great for helping infant to sleep. I like woods, light rain, and campfire for bringing me back to camping fun in Alaska…


Meh. That’s for wuzzies and grandpas. I’ll build my own one with dentist drills, fingernails on blackboard and cat’s love longs. Guess I might make some field recordings on the Oktoberfest “vomiting meadows” when in Munich later this month, too…


peasant noises? … oh. carry on…


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