Play procedurally generated ambient music while you work

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I quite like the idea for flowful. I was quick to buy Brian Eno’s apps Bloom, Trope, and Air a few years ago, although I haven’t splurged for his more expensive Reflection.

I’ve also used some white noise generators for work and relaxation, none quite to my liking, but hopefully they will get better.

I was also reminded recently about an early piece of shareware software called Musinum by Lars Kindermann that generated music from fractals. I pulled up the software page again and see it no longer runs under Windows 7 and beyond. But for those with some curiosity in the subject, this might be of interest.

ps: the link on the BoingBoing thread doesn’t point here, I’m not sure why that happens. Oh never mind, I think it just sorted itself out?

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Oh neat, here’s a video I haven’t seen before of Brian Eno talking about the making of Reflection. I may be straying a bit off-topic but hey, it’s an ambient topic.

Though not exactly the same concept, I like the curated noise generators from

I love to combine 3 or 4 generators (for example: plane noises + rain on tin roof makes for a great base sound: add some rhodes and or tibetan ooms for a full spectrum noise drowning :smiley: )

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I like my ambience Detroit human generated:

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‘sfunny, I came here to say that it was basically a Brian Eno simulator

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