This week in terrifying, mind-boggling password breaches


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Well thank goodness I don’t use those three particular sites. I’m completely safe!


Universities gather a dizzying amount of information about their students, and this week there is news of discussions of what to do with that data:

Sadly, the option “do not share the data, and shred it as soon as you are done with its narrow use” is not one that is being seriously considered.


Welp, it’s another one from the teens. Cory must be queuing up posts to his SlackCast, again.


And yet it, last time I needed, somehow cost a bunch of money and take months to get an official transcript; I’m sure in the end they’ll happily share it/sell it to anyone except those who you want.


Salt the hash people.


In mother Russian, Facebook leaks you.


Oh, never mind, I don’t have a Facebook account. Whew!


More fun with password patterns, from… 4 years ago? People don’t change so much, do they?


Those are impressive membership counts


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