This week's top 3 deals will make you forget tomorrow is Monday

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So 18.99 for lobster is 50% off? And you still have to pay extra to have it shipped? Current boat price for Maine Lobster (what the boats get, which for Maine tends to equate to the price at the coop/dock) is around ~$3.50/lb (most recent update I can find, summer high season is over so price should have crept up a little by now). Retail prices in fish markets here on the coast are still sitting at sub $10/lb for the smallest size bracket. I know because we bought some the other day.

Also 1.1-1.2 lb lobsters (the listed size here). Fall into the bracket known as “chixs”. The smallest, cheapest size of lobster. And at that size they can’t legally be shipped (unless they’re exactly 1.2lbs) to NY, NJ, CT because they fall below legal catch sizes in those states.

Now lobster off the East Coast costs more, but when my family in the mountainous parts of North Carolina and Tennessee can get Maine or Canadian lobsters at $12.99/lb or less this time of year. This is some Trump Steaks level BS coming from the Boing Boing Store.


Tomorrow is still Monday.


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