This weird, old-timey, electric bike-car from Alibaba sells for $2,000

Had a friend who converted a regular automobile to pedal power, as a demonstration of how heavy/inefficient the automobile is.

I suspect this would be similar, but for the electric assist.

I don’t know. If I was going to spend that kind of cash, I’d go for the $930 electric Changli car.

If you feel like going down a rabbit hole, search on for Changli and read the entire series by Jason Torchinsky, and his adventures with the car.


Great gift… even for those owning a modestly sized plot of land. Give your neighbors a tour of your back yard: “Here’s the left side of our gas grill. Now hold on everyone. And here’s the right side of our gas grill.”

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Not everywhere in the world though of course…


That on the other hand is extremely problematic!


Fixed it.

wondering what’s wrong with folding three wheelers…
you can’t go fast round corners as top gear found…

Also, it’s for women only, apparently.

He really does love weird little cars doesn’t he?

I imagine you’re confusing this surrey with the above linked Changli.

Along similar lines, this guy bought a tiny electric truck for “2,000”:

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Possibly. I think I remember a pretty green, leafy neighborhood with some large lawns and homes?

As for the Changli, wasn’t the worst issue something about the tiny tires that were hard to find replacements for at a standard tire store?

Yeah, that’s absolutely this video or one of the later ones

Curb Your Enthusiasm Bingo GIF by Jason Clarke

This is the ‘2 seater’ one I bought used from the rental place on Toronto Island almost 4 years ago.

I swapped the rear wheels from 23" Bell rims with a single speed to 24" downhill mountain bike racing rims on 11-50T 10 speed drum hubs with 3 speed cranks. This is an older pic because I don’t tend to take pictures of myself, so you don’t see the latest mods: Upper and Lower 12 LED headlight pairs and red brake lights on the back and yellow turn signals front and back. I also run a 300w sound system with a bass bin and have wraps of LED strips that pulse with the music.

If you rework these for proper gearing hills stop being an issue unless they are super-steep or really long. For running around the city with my kids to go grocery shopping, taking my girl out dancing, or a night time cruise with Toronto’s Neon Riders it’s an awesome thing to own.


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